1 May 2015: UKPDD Funky Monkey Style!

Here at FMHQ we have decided that we should go out and about in Bath and do some Urban Pole Dancing to celebrate UKPDD. In anticipation of the weather being nice we will be around the Royal Crescent in the evening on Friday 1st May around 7.30pm onwards.

What is UK Pole Dance Day and how did it start?

  • UK Pole Dance Day is a national, annual event held on 1 May that celebrates and promotes understanding of pole dance as a legitimate art form and form of exercise
  • UKPDD is a non-profit event and participation is open to all
  • Founded in 2009 by the Equity Pole Dancers’ Working Party
  • May Day was chosen as the date to encourage a better understanding of pole dance. Traditional maypole dances form part of the May Day celebrations and UKPDD builds on this great tradition


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