Going on a yoga retreat is a great opportunity to develop your practice away from the normal distractions of daily life. Clean air, new surroundings, a space to relax and sharing your time with like minded people....
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The term yoga comes from a Sanskrit word, which means yoke or union. Traditionally, yoga is a method
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Pole Dancing

Pole Dance is slowly getting more main stream and is now appreciated as an intense form of athletic
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KSFL is a very simple programme, based on cooking from scratch and using natural and organic ingredi
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Aerial Silks

Known as tissu which is the French word for fabric, aerials silks is a length of material, doubled a
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Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop or Lyra comes in several different forms; single and double point (referring to the atta
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Static Trapeze

Many of you would have spent your youth playing on the swings in your local playground so if youR
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Master Monkey teaches a Tuesday night Handstand class over at Yama Yoga Hub. The session incorporate
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Classes Available

  • 1-2-1 Training

    1-2-1 training is ideal if you want to focus on a particular aspect of your training programme and if you want to have the full attention from one of our instructors.
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  • Small Group Training

    Small group training is ideal if you have friends you wish to share a session with in which you can have the focus of the instructor on a few individuals rather than a normal class of usually maximum of eighteen people (depending on the discipline).
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  • Six Week Courses

    Pole dance classes and aerial silks classes are delivered by signing up for a six week course. With pole dance you will work towards a new routine each six week block. In aerial silks you will focus on new aerial skills and conditioning exercises in a group class setting.
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  • Drop-In Sessions

    These are drop in classes you can pay for on the day. For pole dancing these are called pole jams and are ideal if you are already attending a six week course and want to practice what you have learnt in class. An instructor will be on hand to help you hone those skills. Drop in sessions are also available for yoga where you want to add to your existing yoga package.
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  • Workshops

    Occasional extra sessions to go a little deeper into a skill, to try something new or for us to host a visiting expert.
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