• Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks CocoonKnown as tissu which is the French word for fabric, aerials silks is a length of material, doubled and rigged from the ceiling or rafters. They are sometimes referred to as ribbons. The aerial silks artist is an expert in foot knots, wraps and climbs.  Within the silks they can create beautiful shapes and poses.  It is also known as aerial dance.

At Funky Monkey Studio it was a natural progression from pole dancing as there are similarities between the two disciplines which compliment each other very well as practice methods. The added dimension in silks is the wraps and working with the tension and flexibility of the material.

Aerial silks is a great way to gain strength in the upper body, core and back muscles.  It is physically demanding but is taught in a way which helps the students gain strength, coordination and confidence progressively in an encouraging environment.  Normally students will be expected to complete a few fundamental courses before progressing to intermediate silks as there is a wide skill set to learn.  Each five or six week block will incorporate a new set of these skills to master.

There is also a class dedicated solely to conditioning.  To find out more check the schedule.

What to wear

Full length but close fitting leggings preferably with no zips (some people like to wear two layers).  A long sleeved top with possibly a leotard underneath will all help to protect your skin while you train.  The top should be either tight fitting or one you can tuck into your leggings.