• Static Trapeze

Many of you would have spent your youth playing on the swings in your local playground so if you’d like to tap into your inner child, join us for trapeze classes here at the Funky Monkey Studio.  We don’t do flying trapeze yet, but the possibilities are still endless.  Here we offer the static/fixed trapeze.  This is a metal bar suspended from the ceiling by ropes.

Many circus performers start their aerial career learning the fundamentals and building the relevant skills on the trapeze bar.  This is a great way to build your upper body and core strength, and focus in particular on your posture and shoulder alignment.  You will develop control in your movements and learn balance and coordination.

What to wear

Full length but close fitting leggings preferably with no zips (some people like to wear two layered up), a long sleeved top with possibly a leotard underneath will all help to protect your skin while you train.  The top should be either tight fitting or one you can tuck into your leggings.