Funky Monkey Studio Opening Party

20 July 2013
Write-up by Alice Milner and Vania Vitillo

Ten weeks after getting the keys for the new studio, the unofficial opening of the Funky Monkey Studio took place a month after the first class was held in the newly refurbished pole studio. Even though a few final finishing touches needed to be done to the premises we opened our doors in true Funky Monkey fashion with a few performances.
Show night is always a collaboration of many people coming together to make the night happen, as was the DIY project of getting the Funky Monkey Studio up and running in the first place.

DIY Monkey Bob Sharman was instrumental in putting the place together, with help from rookie DIY Monkeys (in no particular order), Dave and Polly Milner, Tony and Maggie Brain, Kerrianne Gauld, Sarah Holden, Sarah Hoy, Sarah Wilson, Jess Fox-Taylor, Vania Vitillo, Danii lake, Mike Conroy, Andrew Nicholson, Mary Mitsopoulou, Debbie Heale, Polly Jones, Natalie Warwick, Tamzin Anderson, James William-Dean, Hayley Wood and Renča Mádrová.

Thanks to Andrea Goodwin, Ursula Saganowska, Jeff Butler and the PCP boys for lending us various DIY equipment and paint and to Fiona Von Sharman for her lovely paintings designed especially for the yoga studio.

We’ve had many donations including hoovers, a sofa, artwork, a clock, a computer, temperature gauge, soft furnishings, kitchen equipment including fridge freezer we haven’t been given a kitchen sink but am sure we would have got one! Another sofa or two would be nice!!!  We want people to feel at home and what better than a sofa with a cup of tea!

The evening was a little different to our usual showcases. The two studios gave it a different feel as people moved between the two spaces to see performances and to refresh themselves with drinks from the bar. The atmosphere was really relaxed and open with friendly faces some new to Funky Monkey and with everybody welcomed. A special thanks to our aerial hoop double act Pui Nicole Pang and Yuliya Rogers and driver Miles who came all the way from Birmingham.

Here at Funky Monkey our aim is to always be inclusive and non judgemental which means everybody has the opportunity to participate and will be supported in their goals, performance wise and for their own personal development.

What can I say about the Funky Monkey Studio Opening Night?

The atmosphere was chilled and welcoming, the studio is looking stunning, the performances and costumes were creative, beautiful, fun, accomplished and combined with wonderful music. Alice and her fellow monkeys have put together a magnificent event in their own studio.

Polly Milner

It always blows me away how much time and effort everyone puts in to make these evenings happen.

Alice Milner (Owner)

Check out our YouTube channel for the performances on the night.

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