Happiness Through Movement
Master Monkey

I’ve dedicated my whole working life to being a teacher (it’s in my blood my mum and sister are teachers too). I guess it started in school  Read more »

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Manager Monkey

I’ve worked in various sections of business and administration for eight years as well as the hospitality industry and even festivals and logistics too.  Read more »

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Yoga Monkey

I have always enjoyed sports and having an active lifestyle, and in 2008 after moving to Bath the previous year, I was looking for an exercise class or a new hobby. Read more »

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Dance Monkey

I have been dancing for many years since I was a child and have always loved it! My dance background includes Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary dance  Read more »

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Pole Monkey
Sarah B
Twitter/Facebook Monkey

I was never sporty at school and was generally picked last for team sports, but the one thing that kept me fit was (and is) riding horses. Read more »

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Sarah J
Instagram Monkey

I’ve been having a brilliant time keeping fit with Alice since 2008 now. Starting off with pole dance classes for many years, I tried aerial arts Read more »

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