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Pole Dance Societies: University of Bath and Bath Spa University

The Funky Monkey Studio holds classes for the Pole Societies of both Universities on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon from 4.30pm to 6
pm every week over the academic year.

Each society has a different registration process and you need to visit the website of your respective universities to register and sign up.


The sessions start promptly at 4.30pm and it is important that you all arrive 5 minutes before the session to take advantage of the warm up session.  It will be at the discretion of the pole dance instructor to allow you to enter the class if you are late.

Classes will take place over a 10 week period and you will be learning a wide selection of moves.

You will learn many spins, floor and dance moves on and around the pole.  Basics of climbing and inverting.  Conditioning and stretching exercises all aimed at improving your strength, flexibility and overall fitness.  We will also look at how to put together a routine for performance and there will be the opportunity to perform.

Importantly, you will learn about working together to spot each other in moves so you can practice safe poling and learn to look out for each other.